Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence or Spousal Abuse has become a vigorously pursued offense by the District Attorney's Offices in Tennessee. In the past, an argument or fight at home and a call to 911 would end with a visit from the police with no arrest. It has now developed into a full arrest with expensive bail. In addition, these cases will be aggressively prosecuted.

Domestic Violence is physical violence, threatened violence, and/or abuse which occur in the following relationships:

  • Married Couples (also known as Spousal Abuse)
  • Cohabiting Couples
  • Persons who have a child or children in common
  • Persons in a dating relationship or who were in a former dating relationship
  • Persons who were formerly married to each other

In Tennessee, Domestic Violence can carry serious consequences such as up to 11 months and 29 days in jail and up to a $2,500.00 fine. Further, it is a federal offense for a person convicted of a domestic violence offense to possess or purchase a firearm and that from the moment of conviction for a domestic violence offense the defendant will never again be able to lawfully possess or buy a firearm of any kind.

Domestic Violence is a charge that comes about in the heat of the moment and often is unwarranted. Once the state gets involved, it is not as simple as a person deciding to simply "drop the charges". Legal representation is crucial so that your rights are protected.