Domestic Violence Front and Center in Nashville

Domestic Violence victims as well as advocacy groups have been voicing their concern with Domestic Violence laws and procedures. Currently, those laws in place might be changing and powers of the judiciary limited. Recently, a Nashville developer was arrested for domestic assault against his ex-girlfriend. Being somewhat known and arrested is not the story here.… Continue reading Domestic Violence Front and Center in Nashville

GET A WARRANT! SCOTUS says no more warrantless searches of cell phones.

The Supreme Court in the case of Riley v. California held that police must obtain a warrant before going through people’s cellphones. In a unanimous decision, this ruling is at the soul of privacy rights and marks a win for more American privacy in the ever changing technology era. This ruling arose from two different cases Riley v.… Continue reading GET A WARRANT! SCOTUS says no more warrantless searches of cell phones.

Suppression of Evidence

Suppression of Evidence for a criminal defense attorney is pivotal in some major cases. Evidence that the District Attorney has obtained such as a search warrant, wiretap, video, and photos all can be challenged for its admissibility. Evidence is suppressed when a judge decides that the evidence in question was illegally obtained. This is known… Continue reading Suppression of Evidence

New Law on Synthetic Drugs

Download file New Law on K2 and other Synthetic Drugs Tennessee has started to crack down on K2 and other synthetic drugs that were commonly sold over the counter at tobacco and convenience stores state-wide. As of July 1, 2012 the amended law makes it illegal to possess, produce, or distribute any forms of these… Continue reading New Law on Synthetic Drugs

Bonnaroo 2010

This week marks the ninth annual Bonnaroo festival in Manchester, Tennessee, and law enforcement officers throughout the state will be out in full force as you make your way to the show in Manchester this weekend.     Be wary of law enforcement officers requesting to search your vehicles as you make your way to… Continue reading Bonnaroo 2010

The Tennessee Drug Tax

In 2005, the State of Tennessee passed a law requiring persons to pay an excise tax on illegal substances. The Tennessee unauthorized substance tax, or “drug tax” or “crack tax”, applies to controlled substances like marijuana and cocaine, and also illicit alcoholic beverages like moonshine. It allows someone to anonymously purchase stamps in person from… Continue reading The Tennessee Drug Tax

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