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Don Himmelberg has been practicing law in Tennessee for over 25 years. He began his career as a prosecutor before transitioning to criminal defense work, where he has practiced for the past two decades. The insights he gained working as an assistant district attorney provide him with a unique perspective, and help him craft an aggressive, informed defense that is tailored to each distinct case.

Over the course of his career, Don has successfully represented criminal defendants charged with a wide variety of crimes, including First-Degree Murder, Child Rape, Aggravated Sexual Battery, DUI, Possession of Marijuana, firearms offenses, and more. Don is admitted to practice in all Tennessee courts, both state and federal.

Time is of the essence in any criminal case. If you or a loved one is arrested or facing criminal charges, don’t hesitate: call 615-308-5405 for a free initial consultation, and let Don Himmelberg being crafting a fierce legal defense for your case today!

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Great and professional staff. Quick to answer questions and very helpful. My case was settled to my satisfaction. If in the future I need legal assistance they would be my first call. — Bean
The best criminal defense attorney in Nashville! — H.M.
I am very thankful to him for helping me end a rather terrible experience as quickly as possible. He has my highest recommendation — J.Y.

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Facing criminal allegations can be one of the most frustrating experiences in a person's life. The uncertainty, the complexity of the legal procedures, and the potential consequences can be overwhelming.
In the scenic state of Tennessee, the serenity of its landscapes stands in stark contrast to the severity of certain criminal charges, particularly aggravated assault. This criminal offense is grave
Facing a robbery charge can be a challenging and life-altering experience. For anyone dealing with the complexities of the criminal justice system in Nashville, consulting with a skilled Nashville criminal

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